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pagui2 03-23-2016 05:53 AM

LINE Group-Incoming call route
hi guys,

I have question as its make me so confuse.

On my Analogue Trunks- Line

i have two separate line which is incoming and outgoing Group ID 0 and incoming and outgoing Group ID 1.
which is Goup ID 0 is this land line number 777777
and the Group ID 1 is this 41414141

BUT on the Incoming Call Route it was been switch like the Group ID 0 became 41414141
and the GROUP ID 1 came up with 777777.

in this scenario, is all of that is ok, i mean is that configuration is fine? does it give me some problem on my outgoing and incoming call?

Because my line group in the incoming call was suppose to be for 77777 it should be 0 right? and the 414141 is 1.

I notice that on my Incoming call Destination.

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