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keati1 07-20-2015 02:49 PM

Avaya 4610SW VPN issue

I am having an issue with one IP address while trying to connect through a VPN tunnel. I have 8 phones that work just fine. Number 9 is giving me issues that I do not understand. When the operating phone connects through the VPN tunnel, it starts off HTTPS: 1 The next thing on the phone is HTTPS 1-1. It does the same for HTTP. Then it goes to TFTP 1 for about 2 seconds, then loads the 46xxsettings.txt and finishes with requesting the extension. Now for the problem phone. When it starts off with HTTPS: 1, the next screen is HTTPS 1-905. The same for HTTP. Then it goes to TFTP 1, but the first number just changes from 1 to eventually 6, before I get TFTP Error: Timed Out, after which it goes to Discover

My question is (and I am very new at this) is there somewhere in either the ASA or PBX that I need to enter or enable the IP address for the problem phone, so that it will do the connection normally. I have done two phones, side by side, connected to the same Cisco PIX with the same settings, but different phone IP addreses, but something is stopping the process for the second phone Clearly both phones are reading the same 46xxupgrade.scr, but from there things go astray.

Can anyone help me?

fazil3 07-22-2015 04:50 PM

Hi , Are you using static IP's or getting them through DHCP option 242.

HTTPS 1-905 would mean the phone cannot reach the webserver. Is PIX or something filtering the phone IP to reach the HTTPS server - 411 port.
Is that running off an IIS ? C

I would firstly check if the phones HTTPS GET request is seen on the IIS or that TLS server log ?

Regarding your question , there is a IP to network region map table in the PBX. "display ip-network-region map", but that isn't going to play a role here yet.

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