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navar126 01-21-2020 09:30 AM

Avaya IP Office - Enable International dialing for a few extensions/users

I am not a phone guy by any means. We moved from Cisco to Avaya during the summer of 2019. We hired a team to make the move for us and since then we have been dealing with little issues here and there for months; to the point that now when I ask them a question they would start to charge us.

To the point. In our environment we need, out of hundreds of extensions divided by campuses each with its own user rights and shortcodes depending on where the extension is, only 3 phones that can dial internationally by dialing. We dial 8 to dial out and then I want them to dial 011 to enter the number

Lets say this campus that i need has multiple user rights, MATH LD 179, MATH Local 179, MATH LD 139, MATH Local 139 (seems like I am missing MATH INTL 179). Each extension, or user, falls into its corresponding container.

Inside ARS in the 500 V2 we have multiple entries. For this campus There is one called MATH with its ID being 75. This MATH entry has the following table:

Code | Telephone Number | Feature | Line Group ID

0N | NSi"Mainnumber" | Barred | 5

1817N | 1817NSi"Mainnumber" | Dial | 5

911 | 911Si"Mainnumber" | Dial Emergency | 5

XXXXXXX | NSi"Mainnumber"   | Dial | 5

XXXXXXXXXX | nsI NSi"Mainnumber" | Dial | 5

1800N | 1800N | Dial | 5

188N | 1888N | Dial | 5

1877N | 1877N | Dial | 5

Inside the Short Code tab, for MATH, I see that there are matching codes for the ID for this campus such as **751817XXXXXXX | 1817N | dial , **75911 | 911 | dial...etc

I am thinking I need to :
  1. Create an ARS group called MATH INTL with whatever ID it gives me, let's say it gives me 80, copy all the codes from the group ID 75 into group ID 80
  2. Then add 011N | NSi"Mainumber" | Dial | dial line group 5. Then, in the Short Code tab, create the short code **75011N# | 011N | Dial | 75 (being its group ID). (I am adding the # so its adds an extra step to dial internationally. Correct me if I am wrong)
  3. Then create a User Right group called MATH INTL 179 with the codes from the other one but adding 011N | **75011N# | Dial | Whatever line group the other one has.

Please Correct me If I am wrong. Again I am by no means a phone guy, just happened to take over the job and have a programmer that isn't willing to help me without charging (even though this was in his scope) and learning as I go.

thiel2 01-21-2020 12:36 PM

You should be able to right click and copy the existing 75:MATH LD ARS table, then right click and paste the copy. Rename it MATH Intl. The ARS table number will be added automatically.

Go the the "0N | NSi"Mainnumber" | Barred | 5" entry, change the Number portion to 0NSi"Mainnumber" (Notice the 0 in front of the N - you need to send it out to the phone line, and just N will strip that off). Change the Barred to Dial 3K1

Same with the User Rights, copy and paste Math LD, rename it MATH Intl. Go to the Short Codes tab, you should find the entry 8N / Dial / N / 75:MATH LD. Change the 75:MATH LD to your new ARS table XX:MATH Intl

So a User in the MATH LD User Rights, dialing 8-011-331-6030-6031 will send 011-331-6030-6031 go to the MATH LD ARS table, where anything beginning with 0 will be Barred.

A User in the MATH Intl User Rights, dialing 8-011-331-6030-6031 will send 011-331-6030-6031 to the MATH Intl ARS table, where 0N matches, which sends 011-331-6030-6031 out to the line

navar126 01-24-2020 06:43 AM

Thank you for your reply!

It looks like you have given me a break in this issue. Gives me some relief and some guidance. I did everything you said.

Back in the User Rights in our Main configuration, I copied the User Rights LD Math: id 75 and paste it inside that same User Right table and named it INTL MATH 179 like you said and, for testing purposes I put myself inside there.

Inside the Short codes for this User Right, I found 8N | **75N | Dial | 99001 and changed the **75(ARS ID)N to the *XX(New ARS ID entry for INTL MATH)N so it looks like 8N | **XXN | Dial | 99001 and so on for each short code inside this user right.*

Now, I can make inside calls with no issues.* When I try to do anything with the ARS, that is by dialing dial 8, and out to any other outside number, it says incompatible...... I wonder if I am missing short codes inside the Shortcode tab on the left list menu. I see Short Codes for the other **ARS ID entries in the ARS except for the new one I created.....

For visual help the shortcodes look like this, for my area code I'll use 330 for example and 400 as another location's area code, also where is the Line group ID coming from?:

Code | Telephone number | Feature | Line Group ID
**75XXXXXXX | 330N | Dial | 75: MATH
**75911 | 911 | dial | 75: MATH
**75330XXXXXXX | 330N | dial | 75: MATH
**751XXXXXXXXXX | 1N | dial | 75: MATH
**751400XXXXXXX | 1400 N | dial | 75: MATH

Should I copy all this shortcodes and change the 75 for the new ARS ID?
If so, what does the INTL dialing looks like?

Thanks for all you do.

thiel2 01-24-2020 02:06 PM

You're misreading those short codes in the User Rights

8N - means match any string of numbers that begins with 8
**75N - means create a dial string consisting of **75 and everything that came AFTER the 8 that the user dialed
Dial - literally means dial the string above
99001 - is the line group ID where this dial string will be sent.

The 75 part of the telephone number is NOT the ARS ID

So you dial 8-011-331-6030-6031. The User Short Code 8N is matched, and send **75-011-331-6030-6031 to Outgoing Line Group 99001

What does outgoing line group 99001 lead to? That type of line group number tells me that this is Server Edition, and 99001 leads from the Server Edition Primary Server to an Expansion IP 500 V2 control unit with a SIP or PRI trunk for outbound.

If you only have one IP 500 expansion control unit, that's easy, otherwise look at your Lines on the SE to find the IP address of the control unit the 99001 points to, and lets look at that.

thiel2 01-24-2020 02:07 PM

On the IP 500 there are short codes that start with **75, followed by X's, specific telephone numbers, area codes, etc., trying to match that dial string being sent over from the SE (**7501133160306031)

You would need a short code of **750N / 0N / dial / 75:Math to get 01133160306031 sent to ARS 75 on the expansion control unit. In ARS 75 you would need an entry of 0N; (note the semicolon) / 0N / Dial3K1 / 5 {the outgoing line group of the SIP or PRI trunk on the expansion control unit}

Notice that is would allow EVERYONE to make International calls

DON'T add that 0N short code to the expansion system, and DON'T add the 0N; short code to ARS 75. KEEP the "0N | NSi"Mainnumber" | Barred | 5 "

You need to create a new ARS table on the IP 500 V2 expansion control unit. Copy and paste ARS 75:MATH. The number will be auto assigned, lets say for this exercise that it is 76. Change the short code of 0N | NSi"Mainnumber" | Barred | 5 from Barred to Dial3K1

Now create some short codes in the expansion control unit.
Code | Telephone number | Feature | Line Group ID
**76XXXXXXX | 330N | Dial | 76: MATH Intl
**76911 | 911 | dial | 76: MATH Intl
**76330XXXXXXX | 330N | dial | 76: MATH Intl
**761XXXXXXXXXX | 1N | dial | 76: MATH Intl
**761400XXXXXXX | 1400 N | dial | 76: MATH Intl
**760N | 0N | dial | 76:MATH Intl
Notice the 76 after the ** is intended to match the ID of the ARS table. Also notice the 0N entry.

Back in the Server Edition, delete the MATH Intl User Right that you previously created and do it again. Edit each of the User Right Short Codes from **75 to **76. So 8N | **76N | Dial | 99001

The user dials 8-011-331-6030-6031. It matches 8N and changes it to **7601133160306031, sends to line group 99001. It comes into the expansion control unit and matches the short code **760N which sends 01133160306031 to ARS table 76, where it matches 0N and sends 01133160306031 to outgoing line group 5, which is the PRI or SIP trunk for outgoing.

navar126 01-27-2020 07:14 AM

Thank you thiel2, this is giving me a good insight on how things work now.

I've been very careful to not add just a 0N in the expansion system. I did it with the matched ID in the ARS table. After I did the first steps you asked me to do on the first posts I learned that It the call goes from User > User Rights > down to the 500V2 > Short Codes > ARS entry ID (if there is a match).

It looks like I am able to dial internationally now when I put my extension in the INTL User Group. I added the Si"Mainnumber", just like in the other shortcodes in the 500v2 short code tab, because it seems like that is what gets sent for the caller ID.

I will post a status update later when I get a hold of a user I can use for a test call.

Again, thank you very much....there's been a lot of progress.

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