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alto3 05-05-2017 01:09 PM

IPOCC 10 Contact Detail Reports - Time Format
When the supervisor displays the Contact Report Detail module and the language of the UI is Spanish (Latin American), the time format is 12 hours but does not display AM or PM. At the time of exporting this information all calls are shown as AM.

If the supervisor's UI is changed to English (USA), the time format is also 12 hours, but AM and PM are distinguished, when exporting the report is displayed correctly.

Can you switch to a 24-hour format in the IPOCC? In Spanish it is not possible to have the format of 12 hours?


Thanks for your help.

bucky101 05-11-2017 06:37 PM

date format
I do not know how the date/time format works. I assume it has bugs in it. I am from Australia and we use DD\MM\YYYY for our date format, even though all region settings are set to this it still displays MM\DD\YYYY.
I think the UI region settings just isn't setup very well

smackintosh 05-15-2017 04:27 AM

The display for Latin Spanish is missing the am/pm suffix, you are correct. If you raise this through your support channels we can provide you with a patch. We take Columbia as our base culture which officially has a 12hr clock, but a software fault means the am/pm is not displayed. So with this patch you would still see a 12hr clock.

Australian English is not a supported language in the product, if you use English USA you should see MM/DD/YY format, if you choose English UK you should see DD/MM/YY format.


bucky101 05-17-2017 10:25 PM

doesn't work
I have set my region format to English (United Kingdon) and the shortdate to dd\MM\yy

Interestingly the Agent status report and Contact details report section are showing mm\dd\yyyy
In Reporting the 'Modified' column is dd\mm\yyyy but when you run the report date specific data inside the report is still mm\dd\yyyy

smackintosh 05-22-2017 09:53 AM

There are a mixture of settings being used here and I believe that explains what you are seeing. The report viewer uses the agent configuration for language (as defined in the IPOCC Configuration module) to decide the date and time format. In some places, such as the Modified column of the Reporting file view, the Windows regional settings of the desktop where the CC UI is running are used.

nfanto 05-24-2017 12:03 PM

For change the format of the hours (12hr to 24hr), the IPOCC is based to the Windows Server.
So change the format to the windows serveur control panel.

After you must to stop the IPOSS services (Watchdog - for stop all services) and go to the install CD Folder, in utility, exécute "adaptertimezone".

After you can restart the watchdog and that is normally good.

bucky101 05-25-2017 11:34 PM

smackintosh nailed it. You need to also go to Administration>System>General and set it to English (United Kingdom):)

bucky101 05-28-2017 11:52 PM

OK, so now all the scheduled reports are in German. Awesome

johns1224 06-10-2017 04:32 AM

Thanks for the great tips, smackintosh! You nailed it.

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