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ccipponeri 11-10-2016 08:46 AM

B169 Conference Phone not Showing Caller ID
Does the B169 conference phone allow caller ID to display? I have the analog line setup with all of the caller ID feature turned on for the B169 phone. All I get in the display during an incoming call is (Incoming Call). I plugged the B169 in a copper line straight from Telco and it still just displayed (Incoming Call). I did not see anything on the B169 setting to turn on or off caller ID.

ccipponeri 11-10-2016 08:47 AM

I forgot to say that I have the latest firmware 1.2.2 installed.

zakabog 11-11-2016 06:46 AM

If you call it from an internal extension do you see caller ID? If so then perhaps you're not receiving caller ID from the outside which is why it doesn't display on the B169?

ccipponeri 11-11-2016 10:06 AM

Caller ID does not show from any internal calls or any calls from the outside. Just displays (Incoming Call). It is had to believe that Avaya made a conference phone in 2016 that does not display caller ID, even if it's an B169 wireless conference phone and Avaya's other conference phones do show caller ID especially when their competitor wireless conference phones displays caller ID. I am hoping that it's a setting that is hard to find that needs to be activated not that Avaya just left out caller ID feature. I need to know if Avaya left the caller ID feature out of the B169 conference phone so I can inform the customer/s so they can make other chooses if caller ID is high on their list that they need.

zakabog 11-14-2016 09:11 AM

They should display caller ID, there's even a bug fix in the firmware you're running that fixed an issue with caller ID in DECT R4 mode. What PBX are you connecting it to, you might have to select the caller ID mode for the analog port, I know this is an extension option on the IP Office but if it's a CM I'm not familiar with how that's done.

ccipponeri 11-14-2016 11:32 AM

The PBX system is a CS1000, 7.5. I have the analog line programmed with the caller ID activated in CLS., I might be missing something. I saw the post from Avaya to update to Rev. 1.2.2 to fix the caller ID along with other Bug fixes but that did not work. I just want to make sure I am not missing anything. I have setup the Avaya B179 conference phone with out any issues with caller ID. Just can't get the caller ID to show up on the analog line to the B169 wireless conference phone.

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