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ilalpatidar 07-02-2014 02:58 AM

G450 in VxWorks mode
Need VxWorks administration and troubleshooting guide for G450 media gateway.

I am having a G450 which in now in VxWorks Boot mode and not able to bring it to normal media gateway mode/prompt.

Access through service port is not working no ping response and neither telnet nor ssh works, below is what I get when connect using console port, it shows something as below, I guess that this has gone to basic operating system (VxWorks mode)

[VxWorks Boot]:

any advice to bring this on normal mode would be appreciated

richa164 07-02-2014 03:37 AM

You could try this procedure , you will need to get the gate way firmware from Avaya and load ity onto a usb device , but it does sound like your gateway id fried.


Perform the following steps:

1. Type "L" at the prompt:- to verify if there is any image on board the flash:

[VxWorks Boot]: L
Contents of /flash1.
size date time name
-------- ------ ------ --------
925376 AUG-07-2008 13:29:08 H1000.Z
4640 AUG-07-2007 14:44:20 system1.cfg
416592 MAR-06-2007 11:52:58 3120_r9.2.bin
4640 AUG-07-2007 14:29:02 cft.txt
4199 AUG-07-2007 15:27:24 config.txt
4610 AUG-08-2007 08:30:20 acc-eth-1.cfg
4087 AUG-08-2007 08:35:00 oldsystem.cfg

2. The image from the output is corrupted as evident from the file size. The image size should be 9M and above. Type "c" at the prompt (meaning you want to change the boot prompt to either flash card or usb or ftp):

[VxWorks Boot]: c(this will display a line of info at a time)

'.' = clear field; '-' = go to previous field; ^D = quit

boot device : fl0 --- type “usb0” This where you change device driver
processor number : 0
host name : host
file name : /flash1/H1000.Z /usb0/H1000Z (/usb0/H1000.Z is entered at the blinking cursor)

3. Hit the enter key until you get to the Vxworks prompt. Type "@", then hit the enter key. The router will reboot at this point.

4. Go to config flash mode to update the router with the new code.

RTR> configure flash
fileName : <type image file><enter> (the router will reboot at this point

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