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vdow 10-05-2011 01:57 PM

Open Cases
I am the Technicial support for my company. I watch the status of all Avaya cases. The support page will allow me to enter a case on any product but will not allow me to monitor it ?? This is very detrimental to my job.

rogerg 10-06-2011 12:34 PM

Avaya is close to completing a new service offering that will allow you to monitor all Avaya Support cases for your SoldTo's. I though they would be in the controlled GA by now, but...

werickso 06-11-2012 07:59 PM

Managed Case Status Alerts
If you are talking about the ability to see the case status alerts, you can set this up for any / all sold-to's in your Customer Hierarchy or Link ID.

There is a detailed KB article PRCS100273 that walks you through setting this up.

Or you can search for the article #, PRCS100273 from the dashboard search page

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