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lau56 07-22-2015 06:41 PM

How to connect 600 phones to IP Office 500 server edition

My customer have 2 Server edition , 2 IP Office 500 V2,
Server edition = primary & Secondary
IP Office = Gateway link to Primary Sever edition.

They want install 600 phones on it.

My question : how to assign 600 phones to the primary server with IP Address?

Server edition IP address on LAN 1
Secondary IP Address on LAN1 link to Primary Server.
Gateway IP Address & LAN 1 link to Primary Server.


How to connect 600 phones on this primary edition use LAN 2?

Whether the Phones IP Address rang is ,,

Need someone to help me :

How to configure use LAN 2?
because I setup for other customer always use LAN 1 to configure to phone, when LAN 2 is can't work.

Phones IP address rang? as above?


zakabog 07-23-2015 01:06 PM

What is your LAN 2 address? Did you split the /22 into multiple /24 VLANs or are you going to just set the subnet mask to Where is DHCP coming from? Why are you using LAN 2 instead of LAN 1 (it doesn't make a difference as long as you have H.323 gateway enabled on the interface I'm just wondering why you chose to go with the secondary interface.)

lau56 07-23-2015 06:30 PM

Hi zakabog,

The LAN 2 IP will use at phones IP address, , for the subnet calculate is show ,,,
because customer use 600 phones, how to install the IP address on LAN 2?

For LAN 1 because Link to the secondary Server Edition.

I saw some Avaya IP 500 can use LAN 2 to All Avaya phones.
I tried for setup another unit , The LAN 2 , phones is not working,

How to let LAN 2 to be working on all the phones? how to use on /22 network.
Whether LAN 2 is the same to LAN 1? or need to change any setting?

Appreciate for your help.


rschild 07-24-2015 02:37 AM

Just use LAN1 and change the Network that you use... so you can use more than 1024 phones if you cange your network....and its much easier than to use LAN2 to split them off....



Max Hosts: 1022

Host-IPs : until

Kind regards,


zakabog 07-24-2015 11:47 AM

lau56, from your questions it sounds like you shouldn't be doing a system of this size but I'll try to help you the best I can.

You can (and should) use LAN1 and setup a VLAN on your switches for the phones that has a routable path back to the IP Office. Setup a route in the IP office to point to this new /22 VLAN and make sure that you DO NOT allow that gateway address in your DHCP pool otherwise it will break everything and all of the phones will lose registration.

lau56 11-02-2015 07:58 PM

Thanks for helping me solved the problem.



islam20 11-02-2015 11:33 PM

avaya IP office 500 v2
hi all i am new here i just want to ask you i have avaya ip office v2 and 4610swip phone now i want to connect my phone with IP Office please help me how to register my phone with IP Office

markgallagher 11-03-2015 02:55 AM

You've started a separate thread so expect answers there. Its not good practice to hijack another thread even if it is on a similar subject - it just causes confusion.

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