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ypanga 11-11-2012 07:26 AM

Call billing and Accounting Issue with Avaya Aura.
Hi friends,
We are using Avaya Aura Communication manager 6.1 on G450 (s8300). For billing purpose we installed an application. But the missed calls billing is not working properly.
  • An incoming missed calls shows in billing system as answered call instead of missed call. for example, when AA(Auto Attendant) is playing, I dialed one for sales. Even the sales people don't attend the calls, it shows as answered calls in billing application dash board.Besides also show the duration of this ringing time. Actually it is a missed call.
  • Second issue is dial by extension number billing is not working. For example the AA is playing, I dialed 100 as dial by extension. The call forwarded to 100 and the end user picked the phone. But the destination number in billing system shows as my number to 800. Here 800 is AA Number.
  • Third on is internal call is not showing in billing system.
For this issues what modifications I have to make in CDR configurations. Could you please help me with required configurations.

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