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hiday 09-26-2012 08:27 PM

2526T MFG 2008 HW Rev 03 defect product ?
Dear avaya,

My company bought several nortel ERS 2526T. Four of them on rear label printed MFG Date 2008xxxx and when booting appear HW. Rev 03. And the others is MFG Date 2009xxxx and HW Rev 04.

All ERS 2526T switch is working normal after more than 1 year except switch that have MFG Date 2008 HW Rev.03. Switch HW Rev.03 fail to connect and when booting error appear: Test Internal Loopback - FAILED

Is 2526T MFG 2008 HW Rev 03 defect product ?
What should I do? Can I get a new replacement ?

bhargavas 10-01-2012 03:13 AM

Hello There,

Internal loopback test fail shows hardware issue. So as to proceed, you can try performing Internal and External Loop back test.

or if possible can you perform the loopback test:
Internal loopback test:
The purpose of the internal loopback test is to verify that the stack ports are functional in each switch. For accurate results, the internal loopback test must be run before the external loopback test. The stack loopback tests can only be performed on a standalone unit with no traffic running on the unit.

To run the test, first use the “stack-loopback test internal “command.

External Loopback test:
This performs the external loopback test by connecting the stack uplink port with the stack downlink port, sending a packet from the uplink port, and verifying that the packet is received on the downlink port.
To run the test, first use the “stack loopback-test external “command.

NOTE: Always run the internal test first. Because the cable tests are not conclusive until you ensure the stack ports work correctly.

If even after performing the internal and external loopback test you face issue, I suggest you to open an SR with AVAYA Support to move further with Replacement/troubleshooting.


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