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aaltvedtob 03-28-2022 12:49 AM

96x1 SIP Feature-button layout
We are in the phase of testing for a customer to move to SIP from H.323, and they have a certain layout of the buttons using h.323 and we want to replicate that setup to SIP.

They are currently using 9611-phonesets. They are running Avaya Aura R8.1.3 and we want to use 96x1 SIP 7.1.14 FW. When testing we found that the order of the buttons configured in SMGR is not showing up as the same, on the phone-set...

Example: In SMGR the buttons are configured:

Button 1: Call-appr

Button 2: Call-appr

Button 3: Call-pkup

Button 4: Brdg-appr

Button 5: Busy-ind

Button 6: Brdg-appr

But on the phoneset the buttons are ordered like this:

Button 1: Call-appr

Button 2: Call-appr

Button 3: Brdg-appr

Button 4: Brdg-appr

Button 5: Call-pkup

Button 6: Busy-ind

So my question is: is it a something that superceedes the layout of the buttons.... prioritizing line-buttons? Is there any way to come around this? We have also tested some with J179 and firmware SIP, and there we have seen that button-layout seems to be behaving the same way.

Thanks in advance
Ole-Bjorn Aaltvedt

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