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hartz2 04-23-2018 02:19 PM

VPN Mobile solutions for IP Office 9.x
We have an IP Office system running and currently do not own One X Communicator but told we own (5) Power User licenses and have one-X portal. My goal is to be able to either take an Avaya IP 9641GS handset and connect to a Palo Alto Firewall with VPN or setup a softphone on a laptop, VPN to our business or run a softphone client on my smartphone to occasionally work remotely. Are there any good instructions available to make either of these options work along with what licenses, software or hardware is required to get this to work?

thiel2 04-23-2018 05:07 PM

the 9641 has a VPN client built in, you should be able to configure a VPN group on your firewall and then connect from anywhere. No special license required

One-X Mobile consumes a Power User license, load the app on your smartphone and it becomes a VoIP extension to the system. Also requires firewall changes.

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