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eturgu 07-15-2015 10:50 PM

Fresh installed WFO12 not recording
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Hi all,

I faced a new issue about wfo last night. New installed WFO R12 SP120078 software did not record the calls.
In fact it is a little complicated;

When i monitor the calls from CTI Monitors menu, I can see the calls and monitor.

Also the system updates the following menus;
Total calls observed via CTI since startup,
Total calls observed via CTI today,
Total Media Files recorded today.

But the Total media files recorded to date menu always stays as "0". The records did not listed on the search and replay menu.

When I check the path of database( D partition in this scenerio) I realise that WFO is placing the xml files and wav files to the D partition. But I can not play them.

Here attached the log file of the system;

Anyone has any idea about this?

Thank you,
Kind Regards.

singh46 07-27-2015 02:13 AM


You need to check ACR configuration that which partition has been configured to store Calls. ACR should store calls in Calls folder under that specific partition. Location defined for database shouldn't have xml and wav files.

So i strongly suspect that there is some configuration issue.


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