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ganle1 04-26-2013 06:30 AM

Voice Portal Access
I am new at a new position and my predessor who I am replacing was the Voice Portal IVR programmer. Unfortunately I have not been able to replace all the applications he had on his desktop, specifically on his C-drive for accessing all the servers MPP,Apache Tomcat Cluster Servers, the Dialer Conrol Server as well as the Design Dialog as well as the ARS/TTI- speech servers (Nuance)

I was able to access most of these servers from a PuTTY session, but got to a raw CMD Line ... correct if i am wrong but don't Ineed a root user login on Voice Portal Management Console to access scriting changes and other commands to strat and stop a dialing campagne?

He has a test campagne scheduled when logging into Voice Portal, I can see he has scheduled and assigned 4 ports and extentions as well as agents to conduct this campagne , which if it tests correctly will access a dta base using a social security number to access a internal data base that will indentify a number set up and make outbound call ehich once answered will go to a annoucement which will give prompts to send the caller based on his inquiry to an agent group who gets a screen pop on PC to indentfy and answer that call.?

I have tested each agent and extention assigned 28140-28143 and it prompts answers and promts me to conduct all the tests for blind tranfers , speech server and text recogintion access and all test out positive.

So haw to I start this test already programmed in the Voice Portal?

sharma16 05-13-2013 07:24 PM

Hi ,

I am not sure what exactly you are looking for but there is a test application in VP
usually located at" mpp/misc/avptestapp"(url used on webadmin page http://mpp ip address/mpp/misc/avptestapp/intro.vxml) which may help you in performing the basic test.

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