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groej 12-13-2016 09:20 PM

IPO SE 9630 Phones reset at end of DHCP lease

we have a IPO SE R9.1 SP8 with 9630 phones. The phones become from the win dhcp server the vlan and in this vlan is the primary server the dhcp server. At the end of the lease time the phones make a restart. The phones on a other location from the IPO SE become also from a win dhcp server on this location the vlan and there is the 500v2 the dhcp server for the phones. This phones make no restart at the end of the lease time.
Is it a problem from the primary software? Have anyone a idea for me or a tip?


kirchenlo 12-18-2016 11:42 PM

To analyse the problem it would be helpful if you could post a DHCP log from the monitor application for the period where it restarts it's DHCP request.

I can think about an issue I had with DHCP. My issue was related to the fact that the Win DHCP and IPO SE DHCP are always broadcast. To prevent the broadcast traveling over the VLAN's I blocked the traffic for the voice VLAN on the WIN DHCP Server LAN Port and I blocked/frobidd all traffic on the IPO SE LAN port except the voice VLAN.

This was solving my issue, but it was not similar to yours. Maybe this can help.

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