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lau56 10-14-2015 06:53 PM

From Windows Voicemail pro to Linux Voicemail Pro
Hi All,

May I know how to copy the Windows 2012 Voicemail pro Files to Linux server?

I need to copy the attendance , greeting from Windows Voicemail Pro to Linux Voicemail pro.

I know from Windows Voicemail Pro copy the WAVS files , but whether can just paste to Linux Voicemail Pro? ( Computer/File System/Opt/vmpro/WAVs).


thiel2 10-14-2015 09:53 PM

Use WinSCP on a Windows machine.
The Host Name is the IP address of the App Server
User Name and Password are whatever you are using for the App Server

WinSCP will give you 2 panes, like a file browser or FTP client
Change the Right Pane to /root using the drop down, then click on opt, then on vmpro, and now you will find folders for Accounts, Names, Wavs, etc., just like a Windows VM Pro installation.

Change the Left Pane to the location on the Windows machine where the files are located, and just drag them across to the correct folder.

You still launch VM Pro Client on a Windows machine and connect to the App Server, and through that you Import the .mdb file that is the AA structure, save and make live like always.

If you PM me, I can share a pdf job aid I made for myself, including screen shots.

lau56 10-15-2015 02:36 AM

Hi thiel2,

Can send me by Email?
Already PM to you


bmurin 01-04-2016 10:40 PM

Please assist with the personal pdf job aid.

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