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lnesje 03-25-2015 04:46 AM

AACC 6.4, SQL statement
From Contact summary report, to find repeated callers in a period is very manual job.

Could anyone share the SQL statement to use for where the originator > 1 last 7 days ?

To be able to count how many times the same number has called, in a period
count originator number calling, if more than 1, list, period = last 7 days.


hergenmuelle 03-26-2015 03:31 AM

One way to do that:
select Originator, CountOf from (select distinct Originator, count(Originator) as CountOf from dbo.eCSRStat WHERE {fn TIMESTAMPDIFF(SQL_TSI_HOUR,LastTreatmentStamp, CURRENT_TIMESTAMP)} <= 700 group by Originator ) where CountOf > 1

=> show all Originators occurring more than once within the last 700 hours.
This is just an example and can be enhanced if required.

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