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mckay35 01-29-2018 05:40 AM

Ip Office 10.1.3 Server edition Networking Issue
I have 2 dell servers r230, r330 sent from avaya pre installed with IPO Server edition. the first one i installed worked fine (the r230) but using the exact same iso file every time i install it on the R330 server i have no connectivity to anything, eg. cant ping server with multiple diferent laptops direct connected to servers nics. cant ping a switch from the server when direct connected to switch.

I have tried re installing multiple times with no diference, I used the default ip's, ive set my own and nothing.

I ruled out hardware as everything worked perfectly from a ubuntu live cd.

weiss1 02-04-2018 11:52 AM

When you say, you are using the default IP's, do you mean, the first server is using and
If so, then the second server has the same default IP, at least until ignition process. Then you can change it.

Sound like you have duplicate address conflict..

If your first server has different IP's, then its still possible, there is something in the network already using the IP of your second server.

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