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ben4mile 01-08-2013 01:12 PM

(Lynch - SIP Gateway - IP Office) - E1 R2 DIOD Brasil Issue
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A client of ours has a (Lync to Sip gateway to IP Office) setup without a problem on several IP Offices in their SCN. This setup is working fine on several of their IPO system. But on one particular system in Brasil they are having trouble dialing an outside number from Lynch to the IP Office. As in the logs the Sip gateway is sending the correct number 9N. Now when the IP office try to send it to the E1 R2 DIOD lines they get no ringing tone. It appears the call is being made but they hear nothing. If you look at the monitor logs it seems to me the IP Office is trying to find the right tone for this call. After it doesn't find it it declares it as busy.

Monitor Log Attached.

Thank You
Benjamin Betancourt

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