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reburkeiii 03-05-2019 05:15 PM

J179 Unable to Change to H323
The J179 phones come default as SIP. When logging into Admin (craft) the SIG option is not offered and therefore unable to change to H323 signaling. How do I obtain access to the SIG option (if not via admin) or is there another option to set the phone to H323?

New phone, out of box, with a CLEAR and RESET VALUES performed on it, just in case.

gwebster 03-06-2019 03:32 AM


If the J179 is running J100 1.5 software, you first need to upgrade it to a later SIP software (latest is 4.0,0), then convert to H323.

kelly207 03-15-2019 03:26 AM

J Series H.323 update
Had the same issue with the J179

I loaded SIP Firmware version J100-IPT-SIP-R4_0_0_0-011719 onto my Utility server (V7)
And updated the phone to that first

Then I loaded 96x1-IPT-H323-R6_7_1_04-11271 firmware (This also covers other H.323 phones like the 9608 and 9611's)

As the J series phone boots, break in using the CRAFT menu and scroll down to Signalling, and toggle from Default to H.323.
Restart the phone and it then takes the H.323 firmware.

wallo 08-09-2019 02:45 AM

I'm curious, has anyone found a less time consuming method of simply changing from SIP to H.323? It's one thing for a business partner to go through this but to try and communicate this process to an end user seems rather harsh.

I've managed to convert a few sets to H.323 without updating the SIP version first but, I cannot find the what exactly I did to make it happen. Seems it was different in each case....

Thank you

thiel2 08-09-2019 01:48 PM

* Download and unzip the H.323 6.8.1 Software from Avaya support site
* Upload the files to the IPO
* Power up the phone, answer NO at the Auto Provision question
* Go into Admin, scroll all the way to the bottom to Signalling, change to H.323
* When you exit all the way from Admin the phone will reboot
* It will request the 96x1Hupgrade.txt file
o SET APPNAME FW_H_J169_J179_R6_8_1_02.bin
o SET JEM24_APPNAME FW_JEM24_R1_0_1_0_6.bin
o GET 46xxsettings.txt
* Phone pulls the FW_H bin file and upgrades firmware, then reboots
* Phone pulls the FW_JEM24 bin and upgrades, no reboot, arrives at login screen
* You can press MUTE 27238 # from here to get to the usual 9608 programming screens (although the phone is seen as a 9611 to the IPO)

gwebster 08-10-2019 12:36 PM


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