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s95 01-08-2018 10:05 AM

Ip office 9.0 Auto attnd call bypassing
In our IPO version 9.0 we have created a Auto Attnd it says like "dial 0 for reception and if you know the extension please dial now" its was configured one year before and its working fine till today's back. Now we are facing an issue if dial the extension its not reaching to extension after two rings giving a replay like "nobody available to take call".the call is not reaching to the local extension.
Further troubleshooting I found that the call landing to Auto attnd after dialing the extension call going to a h323 trunk (which is connecting to another IPO) and its reaching the other side also after two rings its giving the voice mail prompt.From system status active call list i couls see that the call is initiating to h323 line and caller ID showing #1 if i dial1xx,#2 for 2xx etc...

Troubleshooting steps did
1. in AA -->KEY 0 is normal transfer to reception its working fine (hunt group)
> changed dial by number option in 1 changed to normal transfer with out any number no change.
>In AA key 1 Action giver normal transfer and put a particular number in destination it works fine.
>in destination field put number like 1nn then tried a extension 1nn range not working.
2. deleted the trunk the did a test call got reply like extension not in use.

from the begining we have only two voice mail channels.
The setup was working fine till two days before.
the voice mail was full we deleted all voice mail fill system.

thiel2 01-08-2018 01:55 PM

On the Auto Attendant tab, check the box for "Direct Dial-By-Number"

On the Actions tab, make Key 1 "Dial by Number" with nothing in the destination box - this will allow the caller to dial 1xx and transfer to the extension number

If you have another IP Office connected as an SCN, you should not be using Embedded Voicemail, you should be using Preferred (Voicemail PRO) set up on one site and as Centralized on the other.

s95 01-08-2018 09:31 PM

I tried by Dial number also format the issue still the same.

wellington35 01-09-2018 03:22 AM

What happens when dial across to Side B?. How are these sites Connected? Show us a screenshot of the Automated Attendant and transfer options.

s95 01-14-2018 02:29 AM

All the internal and site to site calls are working fine. the issue is only for calls coming from outside.

Consider SiteA is receiving a call through AA (option 0 is for a reception which is pointed to a hunt group its working fine) option 1- 9 are Dial by number/normal transfer with put a number which is making an issue this calls are passing through h323(SCN) trunk to Site B.

After changing dial by number to normal transfer and back to Dial by number now its working fine.

Some How!!!

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