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gsanadze 06-30-2017 07:47 AM

Skype for business massive installation
Imagine, customer wants to install S4B plugin on to 1000 PCs (not real case, but)

The question - is there any possibility to automate this process?

How to avoid manual 1000 times installation?

kirchenlo 07-02-2017 11:57 PM


my experience with SfB/Lync Plugin is that a mass deployment is not easily feasible. Due to the missing single sign using windows credentials.

:( You can deploy it automatically via a software distribution package but there are still manually task to do on the client pc side like user login and dial plan.

We had a customer who has done it for +/- 120 user, they development with the help of their internal developers a script that copied the dial plan (which is somewhere in the windows registry) and used a standard password and user id. For me it is actually not very easily to deploy maybe someone here in the forum has a better idea.

For me it is a pain to deploy actually with the possibilities which exists, like mentioned any idea welcome. :confused:

kirchenlo 07-03-2017 12:09 AM

Here two links from the knowledge base;

Installing Avaya Communicator for Microsoft Lync on multiple machines from a remote server


Configuring Avaya Communicator for Microsoft Lync


As you can see, installing the client form a software distribution tool is feasible, but to automate the configuration is in my opinion a real pain.

mlarro 07-11-2017 12:16 PM

You can install, change the configuration and customize to the user level using GPO, PowerShell or PQD Deploy.

PDQ Deploy is the easiest one and you can justify the cost pretty easy vs deploying one-by-one


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