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nixon27 12-07-2018 11:55 AM

Fast Busy Signal on inbound & outbound calls (external)
When employees receive or make calls to external sources, they hear a fast busy signal on their end. The other party occasionally won't be able to hear the employee - states that the employee sounds like he/she is breaking up.

Seems to occur almost every day, but not on every call.
This issue is intermittent, and I'm currently not able to conduct a trace on a station because it's not consistent enough.

The 8 employees currently being affected by this issue are all WFH employees, setup with business class internet.

Troubleshooting steps already completed:

Swapped out all hardware (deskphone, headset, handset)
Wiped out employee's extension in SM & ASA - made a dummy station, then re-created the employee's station.
Confirmed the SIP Proxy Server to be correct.

Any help or insight is greatly appreciated!

mlombardi1 12-13-2018 05:08 AM

Sounds like these are SIP endpoints? Start with a trace in SM to track down the cause of the busy which is likely a signaling problem.

nixon27 12-18-2018 09:00 AM

Yeah, they are SIP endpoints. The issue with trying to trace, is that it happens occasionally, and our traces don't last long enough because of the limit of our system.

Has anyone ever heard of this possibly being caused by a trunk issue?

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