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rogerg 11-18-2015 06:39 AM

SMGR 6.3 Cert Request
My IT Security will not allow SMGR to act as a SUB CA under our Corp Internal ROOT CA. I am using the default CA in SMGR, but I would like to create and submit a cert request to our Corp ROOT CA so I can get rid of the security error when browsing to the SMGR url. Does anyone know the procedure to create a cert request on SMGR that would output the cert request text for me to enter into our internal SSL request tool and receive a cert for SMGR?

stphnwd 11-24-2015 07:21 AM


Not entirely sure which version you're referring to but here is where you can find the information for SMGR 6.3

Administering Avaya Aura® System Manager for Release 6.3.8 - See the chapter on Security.

Configuring Avaya Aura® System Manager 6.2 FP2 and Avaya Aura® Session Manager 6.2 FP2 to use Third-Party Security Certificates for Transport Layer Security - Issue 1.0

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