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arsha2 06-20-2018 10:08 AM

IPOCC IVR- Can we add Caller ID in recorded MSG file with default date-time stamp
Dear Team.
In IPOCC 10.1, IVR Script to record voice message is activated and file saved in location.

File is generated at predefined network folder, just issue is that caller CLID (variable) is not adding at file name i.e only showing time-stamp.wav ,
Please guide how to add CLID variable in file name to identify the caller message file to call back them.

Currently file name is VoiceMessage_180619181928_1.wav
(where 180619= date , 181928 = time)

Where as desire file name is like VoiceMessage_180619181928_CLID.wav

Whereas I have tried all possible way to add define variable to capture CLID but still some issue, only default timestamp is coming as file name as above.

Any further guide line to take CLID (variable caller ID of customer's calls) in recorded each messaging file from IVR Script.

hawki32 06-20-2018 11:41 AM

I have this working off our lab on 10.1.2;
Using VM_rec_send avaya template in examples folder on the iso.

Add 'define variable' element after start in ivr script to bind system tag CCK_Calling_Address to a local variable's value. [lwavename1] for me


Lable: anything
Variable: localvariable name
New Value: <:CCK_Calling_Address:>

Add another 'define variable' element connected to the previous one just mentioned's exit connector links to, a new local variable make this one value ".wav" - linclude the quotes as it is a string. [lwavname2] for me

Add another define variable that connects to ; i called it wavname.
This sets local variable wavname value to <lwavename1:>+<:lwavname2>

Then we finally connect to the 1st leavemessage announcement.

Change File in Record Voice Mail element to point to final wavname local variable.
Make sure File var in the 'Saving..' section also set to local variable

Update Send Voice Mail as E-mail as well - set file to the finalized wavname local variable (same as what was done in Record Voice Mail element step)

Update Delete Voice Mail element File Variable with local variable as well.

arsha2 06-21-2018 04:27 AM

Many Thanks, Finally I did it.

File save as format 829_180621143827_k.wav
where 829 is CLID & 180621143827 is YYMMDDHHMMSS,

one query more:
can we change time stamp from YYMMDDHHMMSS to DDMMYYHHMMSS ?
and can remove last k alphabet ( number),
if we can customize timestamp then from where?

arsha2 06-21-2018 05:30 AM

or further can we change file format so output should come as:

From 829_180621153948_w.wav to _180621153948_w_829.wav
means CLID at the end so that file names in folder should be in sequence?

as when i change format from <lwavename1:>+<:lwavname2> to <lwavename2:>+<:lwavname1>
output was _180621154831_y.wav829 that is not .correct as wav file ext has changed.

in short needs a control in file name selection between variables?

hawki32 06-21-2018 07:21 AM

As far as I can tell, the built-in timestamp doesn't appear changeable.
As you'll note in the IVR script we aren't even asking for the timestamp and IPOCC insists on placing it in there anyway (its a nice idea, but doesn't seem like we can toggle this on or off in any way; nor alter the format).

However, you should be able to not have the _k.wav in your file names ; double check your local variable entries. Make sure they are blank on the script by default [edit -> local variables] and make sure there is no typo in your 'Value' settings for them in the 'define variable' elements.

I noticed i typoed my final Variable value in my post. The final format should be:
<:lwavename1:>+<:lwavname2:> - I was missing some colons.

arsha2 06-21-2018 11:07 AM

ok . agreed . nice explanation,

just last thing i want to ask.

right now in local IPOCC Server shared folder i.e \\ipoccserver\vmrecorded\ all files are saved successfully as a test case, for that i make another define variable and insert it in Folder Var as "\\ipoccserver\vmrecorded\" that working fine.

but actually files to be saved on network other PC shared folder.
for that i just changed Folder Var as "\\Admin-PC\vmrecorded\" but ot saving file there. In IVR log i can see folder not exist error and files not saved and goes to default folder. where as that network folder can be open from IPOCC Server easily with hosts file changed for FQDN entry,

how i can use other network PC Shared folder to save all files. any idea? if needed i can share IVR log tomorrow

arsha2 06-22-2018 06:44 AM

See IVR LOG showing network shared folder is exit.

K8802a 19:55:52.744 VC_VUS [0x00002658] VUS_Element::ElemText(leave Message,VM_rec_send1,0xBC650022,0,0xBD09)::run(0xB 1D3285B11010E00)SUCCESS Element Finished
K8803a 19:55:52.744 VC_VUS [0x00002658] VUS_Element::ElemRecord(record message,VM_rec_send1,0xBC650022,0,0xBD09)::run(0xB 1D3285B11010E00) Starting Element
K8816a 19:55:53.872 VC_VUS [0x00002658] Directory \\AdminPC\vmrec\ for this recording file does not exist
K8817a 19:55:53.873 VC_VUS [0x00002658] recording an eMail file: C:\ProgramData\Avaya\IP Office Contact Center\VoiceControl\work\DefaultRecordings\829_180 621195553_c.wav
K8820a 19:55:58.871 VC_VUS [0x00001C70] VUS_RecordFile::abort() delay=150 begin
K8821a 19:55:59.023 VC_VUS [0x00001C70] VUS_RecordFile::abort() delay=150 end
K9122a 19:56:00.693 VC_VUS [0x00002658] VUS_RecordFile::startRecord OpenWaveFile C:\ProgramData\Avaya\IP Office Contact Center\VoiceControl\work\DefaultRecordings\829_180 621195553_c.wav
K9123a 19:56:00.693 VC_VUS [0x00002658] --- recorded Duration=5

what meant by "Directory \\AdminPC\vmrec\ for this recording file does not exist" where as folder is accessible and file goes to default folder.

elakka 06-23-2018 01:58 AM

Switch configuration for DATA and voice

Can any one help for the below requirements.

1. Switch model - Avaya 5650
2. IP office - IPO 10.x
3. Requirements - Need switch configuration for the data and voice in same port.

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