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yaoy 11-13-2013 12:51 AM

where can i find ICappworlflow.prj
I have met some problems when passing values between a vp system and an ic system. I find a sample of avaya dialog designer icconnectorapp.
With the "Avaya Dialog Designer ICconnectorapp Sample Application Documentation – Issue 1.3", the related services are configued. According to the decumention 7.2, it looks like i have to design the ICapp workflow. While i can't find the ICappworkflow.prj. So my question is :
1、where can i find ICappworkflow.prj, or it is just desiged by ourself?
2、how to pass values from a vp system to an ic system using inwoke workflow?or using vdu? I know in ic system, i can pass values using edu. In the beginning, i try to pass values using vdu, but in vp system,setvdufields and getvdufields are not allowed to edit or add.

thank you very much!

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