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vvazqu 08-09-2012 08:53 AM

Avaya Aura CM 6 differences with CM 5
Hello All,
We are about to upgrade to CM 6 and I need information regarding the differences in the administration.
I would be helpfull to have a document that explains the basci information.
For example, I know that in CM 6 is not possible to change the time and date without resseting the platform.
Please replay with the information that you might have in this regard.
Thank you very much in advanced.

bbhagwat 10-07-2012 12:16 AM

What's New in Avaya Aura Communication Manager Release 6.0

You may find the below document useful.




mskinner 10-08-2012 08:10 AM

You may also find the What's New in CM6.2 document useful, as well. It can be found at:


sumit007 05-21-2015 05:51 AM

Both are different.
Summary is
1. CM 6 use s/w duplication where cm 5 use h/w duplication
2. Virtualization concept is in cm 6 where No virtualization in cm 5

yadav29 05-21-2015 11:51 AM

IN CM 6 you will get the System Platform funda, also you don't need to buy the additional license for like LSP,ESS. both will pick from the Maim server.

But in CM 5 you have to purchase license separately for all the entities.

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