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ckotse 09-21-2020 11:50 PM

Nortel 425-24T switch Firmware upgrade
Hello to everyone ,

Greetings from Greece. First of all I wish you a good health.

Secondly I have to ask a favor and I need your expertise on a very old NORTEL Switch I have on my IT department.

I have the NORTEL 425-24T Switch with Supplier Code Number N269 and I have a problem with my NVRAM. I think that my agent code is corrupted some how and I desperately want a Firmware image of the agent code and a firmware upgrade for this switch. Can anyone please help me?????

I would appreciate any help or file I can get to flash this all over again. I have already tried the Control-C and then pressing <<i>> for the NVRAM but still problem exists and when I press <<a>> says no agent code found.!!! The switch is working fine but when I close the power, everything is gone, the configuration is gone....!!! :eek:

I have to flash again with a new firmware image and a new agent code image. I need 2 files to follow the procedure.

Thank you for your time.


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