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jouhra 08-23-2017 04:46 AM

Definity -> IPO Call Forward the same user experience
Hi masters

I have a customer who decided to migrate their company from old Definity to IPO R10 continuously = There are some users migrated from Definity to IPO (same setup, same extensions) and there is still a lot of users on Definity. There is a 3 digit dial plan. The two systems are now interconnected through an E1 QSIG trunk in order to transfer not only numbers but also Names. Currently I'm routing all the numbers/users that are unknown to IPO through the trunk to Definity which then routes the calls to the destination.
The local admin demands that due to the age of the phone users, the new IPO features must reflect the Definity features in 100% including the user experience.

Now the problem I face:
In Definity, they used to do Call forwards with FAC. E.g. they dialed FAC + the destination number and that was it. Three confirm beeps and the CFWD was set. If they wanted to cancel this, they dialed the other FAC to cancel CFWD.

Now In IPO, I managed to set the phone (Avaya 1616) buttons to Call Forward, but that still requires 2 buttons.
One for setting the destination number
The other one to activate the call forward (and another one to disable it again)
+ another issue I face is, that the Call Forward could be only set to numbers that are known/registered to IPO. (not to external mobile numbers for example)

I know the Call Forward can be accomplished through short codes, but I was unable to figure out how to do that to maintain the same user experience as on Definity = Dial a code + dial the destination number and thats it, CFWD is activated.
Then to deactivate CFWD, Dial a short code to deactivate it and thats it.

If this is possible, can someone please advise the correct approach and/or write down the short code sequence I should try within this new IPO to make things work?

Thanks a lot!

markgallagher 08-23-2017 07:03 AM

Frankly your doomed if you and the customer expect 100% UI continuity between two different products separated by over a decade of product history.

Also, speaking as someone on the older side of old, its insulting to be treated as unable to still learn and adapt.

Meanwhile, since they have 1616 phones, rather than wasting time on programmable buttons they could discover the phone's menus (Feature | Forward | Forward Unconditional). And then hey presto, the pone menu will show the forwarding number set, whether forwarding is on or off and allow them to change the number if required, change the type of calls forwarded and a host of new features.


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