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wilso251 04-20-2015 08:25 AM

Sessoin Manager 6.3, CM 6.3, SpectraLink 8440, and an FX paging trunk
Having an odd issue here with a paging trunk and some 8400's. Basically the 8400 is able to dial the TAC and we hear over head the paging tone play. On the Spectralink side however we only hear continuous ring back? Curious if someone has some insight. Trunk configs below

Group Number: 160 Group Type: fx CDR Reports: y
Group Name: Paging BHU C-level COR: 62 TN: 1 TAC: 8160
Direction: outgoing Outgoing Display? y
Dial Access? y Busy Threshold: 255
Queue Length: 0 Country: 1
Comm Type: voice Digit Absorption List:
Prefix-1? y Trunk Flash? n Toll Restricted? n

Trunk Type: loop-start


Outgoing Dial Type: automatic
Trunk Termination: 600ohm Disconnect Timing(msec): 500

Auto Guard? n Call Still Held? n Sig Bit Inversion: none
Analog Loss Group: 6 Digital Loss Group: 11
Trunk Gain: high

Disconnect Supervision - Out? n
Answer Supervision Timeout: 10 Receive Answer Supervision? y
Administer Timers? y
XOIP Treatment: auto

Group Number: 150 Group Type: sip CDR Reports: y
Group Name: Session Manager COR: 90 TN: 1 TAC: 0150
Direction: two-way Outgoing Display? n
Dial Access? n Night Service:
Queue Length: 0
Service Type: tie Auth Code? n
Member Assignment Method: auto
Signaling Group: 150
Number of Members: 100


Unicode Name: auto

Redirect On OPTIM Failure: 5000

SCCAN? n Digital Loss Group: 18
Preferred Minimum Session Refresh Interval(sec): 600

Disconnect Supervision - In? y Out? y

XOIP Treatment: auto Delay Call Setup When Accessed Via IGAR? n

ACA Assignment? n Measured: both
Maintenance Tests? y

Numbering Format: private
UUI Treatment: service-provider

Replace Restricted Numbers? n
Replace Unavailable Numbers? n

Modify Tandem Calling Number: no

Show ANSWERED BY on Display? y


Mark Users as Phone? n
Prepend '+' to Calling/Alerting/Diverting/Connected Number? n
Send Transferring Party Information? n
Network Call Redirection? n

Send Diversion Header? n
Support Request History? n
Telephone Event Payload Type:

Convert 180 to 183 for Early Media? n
Always Use re-INVITE for Display Updates? n
Identity for Calling Party Display: P-Asserted-Identity
Block Sending Calling Party Location in INVITE? n
Accept Redirect to Blank User Destination? n
Enable Q-SIP? n

Interworking of ISDN Clearing with In-Band Tones: keep-channel-active

kotharin 07-01-2015 03:01 AM


Did you get a chance to check the list trace and see if the call is getting connected?
Also, what does Spectralink is showing on their side, do they see call coming in?


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