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marzahn 05-31-2017 10:22 AM

Looking for a Reliable Carrier
I'm not going to offer any names in public (private yes). My firm has used a variety of carriers over the years. So far only one (Paetec) consistently provided excellent support.

I am asking whether anyone has found a carrier who believes in customer first support. My concern with the quality of support provided by carriers who have served my firm in the past. There are two behaviors that appear to be endemic in the industry.
  • First the carrier denies the issue which is "magically corrected" with in the hour.
  • The most damaging has been the denial of responsibility."It isn't something we do or have done; it must be x." So the outage drags on until we prove that is them!:(
If I cannot find anyone I can trust, Perhaps I shall have to pick two carriers. And build in enough redundancy to keep us running. That will surely involve SIP circuits that I can "ramp up" to meet demand.

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