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lucas3 04-27-2017 01:39 PM

Eclipse plugin authentication
The Eclipse plugin has some idiosyncrasies which will be addressed both in an upcoming version of Breeze and in Collaboratory.
  • The plugin comes pre-populated with usernames and passwords that don't match your Collaboratory, and it tries to login with these several times, before giving up and showing the red dot next to the SMGR and Breeze sub entries.
  • To start fresh, exit eclipse, remove the file ~/workspace/.metadata/.plugins/zephyr_eclipse/history.xml, and start eclipse
  • Enter the plugin configuration screen (the big, red A).
  • Because you will be saving passwords inside eclipse, it prompts for a secure storage key to use to encrypt them. You should probably use your account name for this (e.g. cust75309), and tell other lab users what was done.
  • Add a new SMGR using the internal address with your universal username and password.
  • This will log into SMGR, see that there are two clusters with Breeze nodes, and try to login to these with incorrect usernames and passwords--this could take a few minutes, but will ultimately give you back control.
  • Expand the clusters and nodes, and check both Breeze1 and Breeze2 nodes. You'll notice that each node has a red circle next to it, because the plugin could not log into it. Press Save, before trying to edit each node.
  • Now right click on one of the breeze nodes. You will see the Edit System menu item available to you. If it's grayed out, make sure you've checked the node and Save again. This may require a couple of iterations--you may even have to exit Eclipse and restart.
  • After you enter the "Edit System" menu from the node, enter the same username and password you did for SMGR, and press Save on that sub-form. It should take a minute or so to validate the login.
  • Do the same for the second Breeze2 node. Finally press Save.

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