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stutzb 03-05-2012 11:49 AM

Do we have to use different releases of manager for different customers on ip basic?
Can you work on different releases of the IP Office Basic (partner version) with the same Manager software? My tech is not having any luck. So when we work on a 6.0 or 6.1 he loads that version of Manager. Then we go work on a 7.0 system and he has to take off the old manager from his laptop and put on 7.0 software. Then we go work on a 8.0 and he takes off the old manager and puts the new one on. Then back to the 6.0 customer and he takes off the 8.0 and loads the 6.0. He says the releases of manager are not compatible and it takes about an hour per switch over. Is there a better way? Thanks

stutzb 03-05-2012 12:18 PM

I should clarify. We are having to do this when we have to recreate a card or upload files using embedded file management. We seem to have to do this alot. We had 2 sets we added that the intercom did not come up with. We recreated the card and now it works. One customer the voice mail quit working 3 times over 6 months. A few others got back up fail alarms. We seem to be recreating alot of cards, some multiple times over a course of 6 months. things work for while, then problems, back up fails, etc. recreate the card and we are fine for a while. But each time reloading manager's different releases. What are we doing wrong?

willems1 03-12-2012 03:17 AM

You can always use the latest manager. when recreating cards, just point to de binairy folder of the release you want to use. All you need is an archive of the binairy files.

pdgavin 03-12-2012 09:38 AM

Do we have to use different releases of manager for different customers on ip basic?
The following was taken from the Manager section of the IP Office Knowledgebae or in the help file of Manager:

Backward Compatibility

Manager is part of the IP Office Admin Suite of programs. It is important to note that the software level of Manager application is 2 higher than the software level of the system core software with which it is released. For example Manager 6.2 was released with IP Office 4.2 core software. The Manager application can be used to manage configurations from systems running IP Office 2.1 core software.
When an IP Office 2.1 or higher configuration is loaded, Manager adjusts the settings and fields that it shows to match the core software level of the system. If you attempt to load a pre-2.1 IP Office configuration, Manager will display an error message and does not load the configuration.
To receive a pre-3.2 IP Office configuration requires entry of an operator name and the system password.
To receive a 3.2 or higher IP Office configuration requires entry of a service user name and password stored by that system.

For IP Office 4.2+, Manager is able display systems with software levels it does not support in the Select IP Office discovery menu, however those systems are indicated as not supported.
Backwards compatibility is only supported for General Availability releases of IP Office software. It is not supported for private builds.


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