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vmokho 12-20-2012 01:52 AM

file synchronization error - S8720
Good afternoon.
After replacing the HDD no file synchronization S8720.
current alarms:

4 FSY 1 MIN Y Thu Dec 20 02:05:01 GMT-6 201 file sync failed for DUP

Software Version

The Software Version Web page displays the software version of the active server.

Operating system: Linux 2.6.11-AV15 i686 athlon
Built: Jan 26 00:11 2006

Contains: 01.2.632.1
Reports as: R013x.01.2.632.1
Release String: S8720-013-01.2.632.1
01.2.632.1-12866 activated hot patch 12866 for 01.2.632.1

Status Summary
The Status Summary Web page displays information about the status and the overall health of the Avaya media server.
SERVER STATUS Cluster ID: 001 Duplication: sw Standby Busied? no Standby Refreshed? yes Standby Shadowing: on Duplication Link: up Elapsed Time since Init/Interchange: 88d 15:05:34 server2 server1 ID: 002 (2) ID: 001 (1) Mode: Active Mode: Standby Major Alarms: no Major Alarms: no Minor Alarms: yes Minor Alarms: no Control Network: 1 / 1 / 1 Control Network: 1 / 1 / 1 Server Hardware: okay Server Hardware: okay Processes: okay Processes: okay


Command Completion Status Error Code

Cannot access the standby Server at this time 0

view system logs:
20121220:020501000:17:filesync:MED:setname=snmp; type=DUP; targets=1; bytes=0 20121220:020501000:18:filesync:MED:Filesync started: IPaddr= 20121220:020501000:19:filesync:MED:Filesync done: status=Failure; IPaddr= 20121220:020501000:20:filesync:MED:Filesync finished: status=Failure; rc=11 20121220:020501000:filesync:MED:Processing start... This is a generated file. Do not edit this file. 20121220:020501000:filesync:MED: 20121220:020501000:filesync:MED:File Synchronization Status for Standby server 20121220:020501000:filesync:MED:Synchronization number 9 20121220:020501000:filesync:MED:Summary 20121220:020501000:filesync:MED: Status: Completed (Failure, rc=11) 20121220:020501000:filesync:MED: Start time: Tue Dec 18 22:05:09 2012 20121220:020501000:filesync:MED: End time: Tue Dec 18 22:05:09 2012 20121220:020501000:filesync:MED: Fileset: trans 20121220:020501000:filesync:MED: Bytes sent: 0 20121220:020501000:filesync:MED: Total targets: 1 20121220:020501000:filesync:MED: Targets completed: 1 20121220:020501000:filesync:MED: Targets succeeded: 0 20121220:020501000:filesync:MED: Targets failed: 1 20121220:020501000:filesync:MED: Targets in progress: 0 20121220:020501000:filesync:MED: Targets remaining: 0 20121220:020501000:filesync:MED:Verbose start... 20121220:020501000:filesync:MED: 20121220:020501000:filesync:MED:Details 20121220:020501000:filesync:MED: Server name IP address xln Timestamp Status 20121220:020501000:filesync:MED: ----------- ---------- ------------- ------ 20121220:020501000:filesync:MED: Failure 20121220:020501000:filesync:MED:Processing start... This is a generated file. Do not edit this file.
I checked all the instructions
Maintenance Alarms for Avaya
Communication Manager 3.1,
Media Gateways and Servers(03_300430_2.pdf)
FSY Alarm in Media Server

1)View Process Status Results

Watchdog 19/19 UP
TraceLogger 3/ 3 UP
ENV 1/ 1 UP
LicenseServer 3/ 3 UP
SME 8/ 8 UP
MasterAgent 1/ 1 UP
MIB2Agent 1/ 1 UP
MVSubAgent 1/ 1 UP
LoadAgent 1/ 1 UP
FPAgent 1/ 1 UP
INADSAlarmAgen 1/ 1 UP
GMM 4/ 4 UP
SNMPManager 1/ 1 UP
arbiter 2/ 2 UP
filesyncd 8/ 8 UP
dupmgr 3/ 3 UP
MCD 1/ 1 UP
CommunicaMgr 84/84 UP

2)Communication Manager file synchronizations
20121219:020501000:63:filesync:MED:setname=trans; type=DUP; targets=1; bytes=3062226
20121219:020501000:64:filesync:MED:Filesync started: IPaddr=
20121219:020501000:65:filesync:MED:Filesync done: status=Failure; IPaddr=
20121219:020501000:66:filesync:MED:Filesync finished: status=Failure; rc=11
20121219:020501000:67:filesync:MED:setname=snmp; type=DUP; targets=1; bytes=0
20121219:020501000:68:filesync:MED:Filesync started: IPaddr=
20121219:020501000:69:filesync:MED:Filesync done: status=Failure; IPaddr=
20121219:020501000:70:filesync:MED:Filesync finished: status=Failure; rc=11

3)Other server via duplication lin
Execute Pingall Results


HostName IPAddress #MessSent #MessRecv avgRTT
server1-dup 1 1 0ms

PING ( 56(84) bytes of data.
64 bytes from icmp_seq=0 ttl=64 time=0.081 ms
64 bytes from icmp_seq=1 ttl=64 time=0.078 ms

--- ping statistics ---
2 packets transmitted, 2 received, 0% packet loss, time 999ms
rtt min/avg/max/mdev = 0.078/0.079/0.081/0.009 ms, pipe 2

It feels good, except for the fact the lack of synchronization in the second paragraph.
Tell me what could be the problem?
I would be grateful for any help in solving this problem!

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