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mzaki 01-04-2016 05:59 AM

IVR not working in IPOCC
Hi All,
I made a task flow with an IVR script, the call disconnects once it reaches the IVR without even playing the IVR announcement.
when I remove the IVR from the task flow & connect the caller directly to an agent group, it works fine.
I reviewed the IVR script several times & verified it without any errors, I even used the exact same IVR example in the TBG with no success.
anyone had this issue before?
thanks in advance
Moataz Zaki

furrerm 01-06-2016 06:41 AM

When you created the IVR, did you right click on it and add the IVR to your script?

vajja 05-02-2017 12:36 AM

This is typically an issue with the SIP domain name. Make sure it is the same in the IPO System -> LAN1 -> VoIP -> SIP domain Name and in the CHAP configuration on the IPOCC server

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