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mdieter 07-24-2012 11:43 AM

ERS v6.2.x SSH Change?
I recently began testing a 5698 in preparation for implementation, and I've discovered that the ssh clients that I use (with ERS 5xxx platform up through v6.1.1.x---have never had to change any default settings) are unable to open a connection to this 5698 with v6.2.4.x code.
I haven't yet been able to find any indication of SSH change in the product documentation, and if you put the output of <show ssh > from this 5698 v6.2.4.x side-by-side with a 5530 v <sho ssh> output, every thing is identical.
The 5698 has an unhelpful, very generic log entry indicating failure.

Anybody have any comments? Can anybody offer any help?

vdyke 12-18-2013 08:31 AM
I am using this code on my 5530, do not have the model you have. I had a problem with earlier code and ssh (can't remember the version) but when I issued a "sh run" the parser & ssh would lose parts of a very large config.

The one problem that they've failed to solve is logout. I use PuTTY with Cisco, f5, Fortinets, 3coms, and Procurves. When I logout the PuTTY session closes; not with the ERS lines - 8000s, 7000s, 5000s, & 4000s. Makes it impossible to automate changes when the ssh session does not close properly.

Don't know if this helps.

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