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rbellamkonda 10-20-2016 06:21 AM

IPOCC: Error "Could not contact a license server" preventing login to CCUI
Doc ID: SOLN297379
Version: 1.0
Status: Published
Published date: 29 Sep 2016
Categories: Configuration, Troubleshooting, IP Office Contact Center, Break/Fix, Installation
Author: Gabriel Gray

IP Office Contact Center 9.x.x

Problem Clarification
An error "Could not contact a license server" displayed while attempting to login to CCUI.

The error is being received, not because the license server is down, it is because of the client machines failing to resolve the IPOCC hostname which causes to think there is no license server.

Please click here. (https://support.avaya.com/ext/index?...&id=SOLN297379) to view the full solution on support.avaya.com.

verma62 11-09-2016 05:51 AM

Just to add I have faced one additional cause for same, but same was faced by team only once and thats in production enviornment suddenly.

You may also have to check the WebLM server, in case weblm server is down, IPOCC may face the problem to retrieve the licenses. For resolving the same there is a tomcat(which hosts the WebLM application) servicein IPOCC watchdog services, and you may have to restart that.

Rajat Verma

mnorst 11-09-2016 08:23 AM

I have had this happen randomly in production, and have had luck either 1) adding the server to the hosts file on the agent pc or 2) running change/modify from add/remove programs and swapping the hostname for ip address (or vice versa) in the change dialog. I have had the best luck with just adding the server to the hosts file but your mileage may vary. Also, try disabling the firewall on the agent pc temporarily to verify that isn't blocking traffic.

jimen28 08-09-2017 11:17 PM

Check the ip address associated in Adjusthostname.exe
If that not work, try this:
- Stop the IPOCC Watchdog service
- Check if the IP Address is the correct in Adjusthostname.exe
- If the IP Address associated is instead the correct IP Address, you need to change the IP Addres for the correct, so you will need to do next:

1. Restored to Blank DB
2. Run "AdjustHostname"
3. Reboot IPOCC server

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