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lcadwa 05-08-2017 11:06 AM

Avaya Configuration Backup and Restore Manager

Looking for a quick way to get a backup copy of all configurations on each of our Switches (rather than having to hit them one at a time and do a TFTP dump).

I use Avaya's Configuration and Orchestration Manager 3.0, but am unable to see anywhere that I can create a backup config file for each switch. Online there is a reference to " Avaya Configuration Backup and Restore Manager" program, but this does not seem to exist anymore.

Any help is appreciated.

Logan C

sprigent 06-15-2017 07:43 AM

You need a specific BCM license to use BCM to create backup and restore tasks

sprigent 06-16-2017 06:34 AM

Hi again
in fact you have an alternate way for backups if you dont have BCM license.
In devices menu ,you have inventory manager.Launch it, and when it's done,the devices will be classified by family.Select one of the folder and under action you are able to backup, and schedule if needed

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