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dboutw 03-28-2017 07:08 AM

WLAN 9132 RADIUS / AD authentication
My end goal of this project is to have seamless wireless connectivity using AD authentication. I've gotten this to work flawlessly with other AP brands using WPA-Enterprise and RADIUS, but the AVAYA is giving me some trouble. Here are my 2 issues:

1) When I set the authentication to External RADIUS, i'm not seeing any logs indicating a successful or failed RADIUS attempt, and my device doesn't allow me to log in.

2) When I set the authentication to Active Directory, I am able to log in fine using the domain username and password, but when I press the "Use my Windows Credentials" (which is essential for my end goal), it automatically prepends the authentication with the Pre-2000 NETBIOS name for AD and it fails.

So, I either need RADIUS to work or I need Active Directory authentication to allow the {Domain}\{Username} format. Anybody else had any luck with this kind of setup?

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