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malb 09-06-2016 03:01 AM

On what server are my avaya files?
Hello everybody,

I just started working in a company using Avaya. We have Avaya site administration installed, but I am trying to figure out what server the config files and what not are stored on?
Somebody asked a question if it is possible to make a list of all the programmed contacts in the phones, my colegue suggested that a list like that might be on the server, however, he doesn't know the IP of the avaya server.

So, what I'm asking is, is it possible to get a list of the contacts people have programmed in their avaya phones


how can I find out through Avaya site administration what the IP is of the server it's connected to?

Sorry if this is in the wrong forum, but I didn't see Site administration on any of the other forums...

clishman 09-07-2016 05:57 AM


You want the Avaya Aura & Unified Communications forum for an answer to that.
This is for the Call Centre for the IP OfficeYou can find the IP of the system from an IP phone if you don't know it.

You'd need the admin passwords to get onto it though so I'd suggest maybe getting your maintainer to have a look

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