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yisaev 12-08-2015 11:42 PM

WFO ACR 12.0 + AACC Midsize for Enterprise 6.3 AML + CS1k 7.61
Hello Colleagues,

I have issue with 1230 IP phones (Agents phones). Our ACR 12.0 does not record 1230 agent IP phones, but successfully record 1140 IP phones and softphones i2050.
Any ideas please, how to change settings or what I have to check to fix it?

singh46 04-21-2016 06:45 AM


Following are the ACR requirements. Please check them and verify. If that doesn't help please create support case.

CS 1000 Systems and IP Client Requirements

To use Avaya Contact Recorder you need:
  • CS 1000 Release 4.5 or higher
  • For Record on Demand/Save conversation a minimum of CS1000 6.0 is required
  • If Secure Call Recording is being deployed, then Unistim 4 or higher is required. Also, a minimum of CS 1000 release 6.0 is required. Note that the Secure Call recording feature is only supported on specific IP Phones equipped with this feature, currently the 11xx phones.
  • If not using the MultiDN feature, AST licences are required on the Phoneset keys that you wish to record. Note that the MultiDN feature is only available with CCMS 7.0 or later (AACC) AND CS1000 release 6.0 or later. When using MultiDN, a licence is required on the CCMS server to enable this functionality. Also, MultiDN is only applicable to IP phones, so AST licences will definitely be required for TDM recording.
Even if you are recording trunk-side, the system still monitors the phonesets
you wish to record (not the trunks). You therefore require as many AST ISMs
as you have phonesets to be recorded.

  • To use Duplicate Media Streaming you require Avaya IP Client Phase 2 sets loaded with firmware that supports Duplicate Media Streaming.

Jatinder Singh

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