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may77 02-20-2020 09:37 AM

EMC 6.6 Call delivery over ACW state
For anyone who can answer.

I'm currently running EMC 6.6 with CM 7.1 and the EMC Desktop. Im wondering if there is a way to have phone calls delivered to agents wile they are in the ACW state on the desktop. The reason being we are a Email heavy operation and we want our agents to be able to work an Email without being bombarded by other emails but also be able to take a voice call wile working on that email. Currently we have it where once they receive the Email it puts them back into auto-in status so if a voice call comes in they are able to answer it. The problem with that is it also lets all emails flow in as well and the agents will have 20 email work item tabs on their desktop. Ive bounced around the idea of controlling it by setting the amount of emails to be downloaded and the polling period but that was shot down due to concerns that an important email might not be seen in time. If there are any ideas out there please let me know

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