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badozc 01-10-2013 01:22 AM

R2 MFC in Mexico with Telmex, CLI issue
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Hello Dear Community

I recently implemented a site in Mexico on ACM 6.0.1 with a G430 and MM710.
Service provider is Telmex and the PSTN connection is a CAS R2 MFC with 10 channels.
The trunk is up and running quite well except that we do not receive calling party number on the trunk for incoming calls. The customer says that it was working on its former Panasonic PBX.
Altough I received some setup recommendation from Avaya and applied them we still do not have CLI but they were helpful to get the trunk up.
I have no knowledge about R2 MFC, I work from Europe and this is not popular nowadays and it is more than hard to get support from the Service Provider.

Any guidelines to set up or methodology to troubleshoot this type of line are welcome.

Here is the multifrenquecy table I am using :





mskinner 01-10-2013 08:54 AM

Recently we worked on a customer ticket from another Mexico customer where R2MFC was used. I compared the configuration mentioned below with what we had collected from that customer site.

There are some minor differences between this site and the other customerís site was the multifrequency settings.

1. Outgoing Forward Signal Present Timer (sec):20
2. Collect All Digits Before Seizure? y
3. Use COR for Calling Party Category y
4. Number of Outgoing ANI Digits : 0
5. Truncate Station Number in ANI: no

Would it be possible to try the above changes to multifrequency form? If it still does not work, then can you please collect an MST trace with H.248, call trace and set the TCM debug wr :conn_m h248mfc 4 and open a ticket with T3?

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