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billil 04-19-2015 08:08 AM

IPOCC External Destination Variable
I have a customer who wishes individual agent queues/topics (50) and wants the wait message to include the option for the caller to press a key to leave a message in the agent's personal mailbox. I can create individual external destinations - 1 for each mailbox - but I don't want to have to create 50 individual IVRs each containing the unique external destination. Preferably I'd like to create a common macro that has a variable that is populated with the appropriate mailbox # for each topic. Can variables be used this way in IPOCC? It doesn't seem so. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to best do this and avoid the repetitive programming?

Thanks in advance

parke92 04-22-2015 08:31 AM

Don't transfer inside of the IVR script but simply set a custom task tag in the IVR script if the caller presses one. Then in the task flow analyze that task tag and if they pressed one, transfer to the external destination in the task flow. This will allow you to have one wait IVR script and control the transfers in the task flows using the external destination block.

billil 05-14-2015 08:49 AM

Thanks - that is how I did it and it works fine.

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