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tblomb 12-18-2015 09:45 AM

Group VM

I would like to change the voicemail greeting of a group mailbox. Does anyone know where II can find this?

zakabog 12-18-2015 12:08 PM

Is this on an IP Office with Voicemail Pro? Embedded? You can dial the voicemail short code and go into the mailbox for that hunt group, then go through the prompts to find the personal greeting and change it there. Unless you have a voicemail pro module built for that hunt group, in which case you'd need to change the recording elsewhere.

tblomb 12-18-2015 12:24 PM

Yeah, it's an IP Office with VMPro, I believe it is embedded. I took a look at the short codes but I'm not sure which one it would be. Do you know what feature it would be under?

zakabog 12-18-2015 02:32 PM

By default it's *17, dial that and it will ask you for the extension number and the password, then simply follow the prompts.

tblomb 12-30-2015 12:39 PM

It looks like that just goes to my personal voicemail. Any other ideas?

thiel2 12-30-2015 12:51 PM

If you have V and your extension number in your Source Number tab, *17 will take you to your mailbox instead of prompting you for the extension and password.

*17 is Voicemail Collect and the telephone number is "?"U

You could:

-Remove the Vxxx source Number from your User, so that VM will ask you for extension and password, even for your own mailbox

-Remove the U from short code *17, so voicemail doesn't assume the caller is asking to log into their own mailbox

-Create a new short code, such as *99/Voicemail Collect/"?" and use that one instead

tblomb 12-31-2015 09:08 AM

Thank you! This worked!

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