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mckay35 02-12-2022 11:59 AM

Dynamic Location based Caller ID?
System: Avaya Aura 8.1

I have a school board customer who has a high frequency of employee relocation between schools. Their location code is based on which school they reside in and I see there is a way to derive location numbers based on the IP network region. What I cant seem to find is how to change caller id based on location number. Does anyone know a way this is possible? I don't see a way in the Public unknown table as all outbound calls from every site use the same sip trunks.

Any ideas are appreciated!

mlombardi1 02-16-2022 12:15 PM

Unfortunately CID is determined on a per-trunk basis rather than location. This could be accomplished via SigMa in the Avaya SBC-E if the trunk is anchored to one. The script would inspect the oldest Via header to find the IP of the originating phone and change the CID based on source subnet.

Let me know if that's possible here and I'll try to write something for you.

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