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micwood 11-13-2013 06:18 AM

Using Light Bulb and Thumbs Up
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To make it easier to know if a thread has answered or solved the question or problem posted, we encourage the use of the “Light Bulb” icon Attachment 186, and the “Thumbs Up” Icon Attachment 187 when posting.

1) Attachment 186 When you think your post answers a thread’s question or solves the problem please use the “Light Bulb” Icon (Solution Delivered) for your post.

2) Attachment 187When a previous post has answered a thread’s question, or you’ve implemented the solution provided and it worked, and you want to post back to the thread to confirm the answer or solution, please use the “Thumbs Up” Icon (Solution Confirmed) for your post.

Attachment 186=Solution Delivered (i.e. you think your post is the answer or solution)

Attachment 187= Solution Confirmed (i.e. you are confirming that a previous post answered the question or solved the problem)

To find and use these Icon’s:

1) Once you select the Attachment 188, or click Quick Reply Attachment 189and choose Attachment 190

2) You will see a text input box with radio buttons below the text input box
a. Select the applicable Radio button associated with the Icon you should use


Feel free to email micwood@avaya.com or kcsteam@avaya.com

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