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lldygowski 08-18-2010 03:11 PM

Malicious Call Trace Voice Recorders
If we consolidate multiple lines of business together on a single CM, will we be able to provide different voice recorders for malicious call trace (MCT) for the businesses that are on the same ACM? 16 simultaneous traces is what the capacity docs indicate. All that I have come across seems to indicate that we can have one trunk group identified for the MCT voice recorder per ACM. It appears that the MCT feature then chooses the particular trunk in the group to use, so this may not allow for a segmented recorder approach. In other words, we could have a recorder with multiple lines but they would not be able to determine which port in the trunk group a particular MCT voice recording would go to. Any clarification?

gdarvekar 08-23-2010 03:27 AM

working on the issue
Thanks for Writing to us, I am looking into your request if this can be done.

Feel free to add more inputs if you have.


Gunjan Darvekar

gdarvekar 08-25-2010 04:40 AM


This cannot be achived in this way if you want to record calls then you have to go for a recording solution with ASAI. You should reach out to APS or presales team and then we will be able to guide you.

Malicious call trace

Malicious call trace
For DEFINITY G2, G3r, System 85 R2V4, and DEFINITY G3V2 and later releases, malicious
call trace (
MCT) provides a way for terminal users to notify a predefined set of users that they
may be party to a malicious call. These users may then retrieve certain information related to
the call and may track the source of the call. The feature also provides a method of generating
an audio recording of the call.
MCT is especially helpful to those businesses that are prime targets of malicious calls,
such as bomb threats, this feature can aid any business in tracing hackers. For this reason, it
may be considered as a security tool for businesses that do not normally experience malicious
Depending on whether the call originates within the system or outside it, the following
information is collected and displayed:

If the call originates within the system:
- If the call is on the same node or
DCS subnetwork, the calling number is displayed on the
controlling terminal.
- If an
ISDN calling number identification is available on the incoming trunk, then the
calling number is displayed.

Detecting toll fraud
Issue 10 June 2005 131
If the call originates outside the system, the incoming trunk equipment location is
displayed. In this case, the customer must call the appropriate connecting switch.

The following is displayed for all calls: called number, activating number, whether the call is

active or not, and identification of any additional parties on the call.


Gunjan Darvekar

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