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audet4 06-10-2021 07:00 AM

Avaya Media Server Cluster setup issue
HI, I am setting up 4 AMS Clusters.
First Cluster went OK
but had issue getting the SIG/GRP and Media server in CM to link to M11 and M12.
Node-Name were pointing to individual IP of each servers. Example
But looking at log in AMS found out that CM was initiating a connection to M11 on but the M11 was answering back to CM with (Virtual IP for Active sever in the Cluster)

So i was able to make modify the Node-N to the following
then was able to re-create the Sig group 71 nd 72 with these node name.
that did the trick and Cluster 1 went up.

Now time to setup Cluster 2
but this time the CM does not let me use 2 different Node-N with same IP.
Sig 73 for Media 13 is ok its with Host2-M13 (virtual IP)
but adding sig 74 with Host2-M14 give me now the following when i press F3 AMS Node-Name Ip address already in use

Documentation does not say much about to set up Cluster

Anyone have setup AMS Multi-Cluster?

your help is welcome

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