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jacks196 03-23-2016 03:50 AM

ROUTE CALL command - to external number
We are using SIP AACC 6.4 & CM - presently when we need to route a call from within AACC to an external number we use a "ROUTE CALL xxxx" scripting command, the actual number we route the call to is a VDN within CM that has an associated vector that routes to an external number ie, 9xxxxxxxxxxx.

We have a requirement to route a call to an external number that is entered via AACC using GIVE IVR / Collect Digits - the problem being that there is no way to get these collected digits into the CM Vector in order for the call to route.

In the AACC AML system I used to work on I used to be able to use the ROUTE CALL command to any external number directly within the script, ie, ROUTE CALL 9xxxxxxxxx - this doesn't work in a SIP setup.

I think what I'm trying to do is impossible, anybody any thoughts?


marzahn 04-20-2016 09:46 AM

Route-to digits & set Commands
I am unfamiliar with the "route call" command as we do not use Avaya AuraŽ Contact Center. Do you want to route a call to a specific known number? Or are you looking to route to a number collected during the vector processing time?

Are the "route-to digits" or "route-to number" commands available to you? Here's how they would work as a vector step

Specific Number
route-to number 9999 with cov y if x = y.

Unknown Number
For this to work you need to know whether the number entered will need to be within your area code or not. If you do not know before hand you will need to use a collect step asking: "Is this within the 999 area code, 1 if y and 2 if no. Do not include dashes in the entered number." Then you can add steps for each condition. Once that is resolved the next step is . . .

collect [number of digits] digits after announcement 9999 for none

Here you need to know a bit about the "set" command. See: https://downloads.avaya.com/elmodocs...Supplement.pdf

The next step, depending on the length of the number and whether you need a 9 and a 1 might be . . .

set digits = digits CATL 9
route-to digits with coverage "y" or "n"

Does that help?;)

jacks196 04-27-2016 06:49 AM

Hi Bill, thanks for the comprehensive reply!

I understand the CM / VDN / Vector setup however my problem resides within AACC.... what I would like to do within an AACC script is to route a call off-switch with a command like the one below

ROUTE CALL 9 [external number]

However when I try this in an Avaya red SIP environment the call fails... in the Avaya blue / AML Contact Centre I the above worked perfectly fine.

I am now forced to use a command like the one below and get CM to route the call


The problem being that I want the caller to enter digits from their phone (a phone number) and then have AACC route the call to the number the user has entered - because I have to use a CM Vector to route the call there is no way to get the collected digits from AACC to CM.

...does that make sense? !



marzahn 04-28-2016 08:04 AM

Yes that does make sense Ashley. Unfortunately what I gave you is all I have. Perhaps there is a smarter one out there who would provide better help.

mousertx 06-01-2016 02:10 PM

Your solution may reside in the Session Manager

The solution may reside in your session manager and pattern matching. I'm still new to this solution, but we had to setup sip trunks and route patterns between CM and AACC. It maybe that you need to somehow match the string from the script to a SIP invite(?)... Again, I don't have a full comprehension of SIP yet...

johnson75 08-28-2017 06:32 AM

ASSIGN c_play_and_collect_gv TO voicexml
ASSIGN gv_Normal_Business_Hours TO prompttoplay
ASSIGN "4" TO numberofdigits
ASSIGN 9999 TO digits_dn_cv
PARAMETERS prompttoplay, notypeahead, numberofdigits, termchar, interdigittimeout
RETURNS digits_dn_cv
IF digits_dn_cv = 2000..5999 AND digits_dn_cv <> blacklist_num THEN
ROUTE CALL digits_dn_cv
EXECUTE bad_number

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